From inside he fought them and came to a great awakening and came to a great achievement

The green and white patches of light; And the seed puffs everywhere floating down to the ground, filling the air, slowly covering the ground; floating, hovering, everywhere the eye can see. Birds and ants everywhere.

The path slowly ends and there’s the wooden bench awaiting me.

It’s hot , it’s humid. I cough a little probably from the pollen- Another bench, in another part of the dunes, and lots of mosquitoes. So I go to a third bench down by the river; and there’s lots of boats out today.

A wizard  walked down the path. He was wearing a long robe out of some shiny cloth. White birds were flying in the distant background. He had a bag over his shoulder.

Hello, he said and then, a group of boys came by and in that instant he vanished; They went by, and kept going. Soon, he reappeared. He could have quickly emerged from behind something, I wasn’t sure.




The new normal starts today 

Bring on the BIG

Miracle Man

The Miracle Man is here. I am not the Miracle Man

The Holy Premise

I receive

I ask and I receive

I receive the Miracles

I don’t make them

I don’t make the miracles



You’ll be hearing from me
I am intelligence
Believe you can
You have no troubles
It is time for you to write your book
If I have to be I’ll be your intelligence
I control my functions
I relinquish everything to the divine plan
I accept
I receive the divine plan
The writing is now the doing
You have the ability
A jumbled mess of memories!
Focus consistently on… the book
I’m in charge
I am receiving now.